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Supply of equipment for the nuclear industry

Techexpo LLC supplies equipment of nuclear facilities safety classes 3 and 4. The production capabilities and competencies of our specialists allow us to implement projects for the development, manufacture and supply of the following equipment:

  • Diesel generator sets, UPS, transformer equipment, switchgear, switchboard equipment, instrumentation equipment, compressor plants.
  • Computer equipment, LAN, ACS, SBSS, lighting systems, communication systems.
  • Ventilation equipment, air conditioning equipment, refrigeration systems.
  • Sewage pumping stations, pumping equipment, tank equipment, reservoirs.
  • Emergency hydrogen removal systems, hydrogen concentration measurements, storage equipment, rod penetrations, new fuel storage facility gateways, nitrogen-oxygen stations.
  • Gas fire extinguishing, fire alarm equipment.
  • Physical protection equipment (bullet-explosion-proof doors, windows, gates, cockpits, checkpoints).
  • Automated process technology control systems (ACS P, ACS PT).
  • Control and measuring equipment (excess pressure gauges, vacuum pressure gauges).

Automated Radiation Monitoring System (ARMS)

In 2019, Techexpo LLC supplied the ASKRO meteorological station for the Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant-2 (LNPP-2). The automated radiation monitoring system (ARMS) is designed for continuous monitoring of radiation and meteorological conditions and includes:

Complex for monitoring the values of surface meteorological parameters:

  • Vaisala AWS310 - weather station for collecting data from sensors and transmitting the measured and accumulated information to the central unit
  • Vaisala WXT535 - temperature and relative humidity, atmospheric pressure, and precipitation sensor complete with radiation protection
  • Vaisala WMT700 - Ultrasonic Wind Speed and Direction Sensor
  • Protective container for placing power supplies, central unit, network equipment
  • Meteorological mast MR-75 with lightning protection and grounding equipment

Complex for monitoring the values of altitude meteorological parameters:

  • Wind profiler PLV-300
  • Temperature profiler MTP-5

Central unit and communication equipment:

  • Embedded fanless computer MOXA V2403-C2-T-LX - central unit based on an embedded computer with SSD on Linux OS
  • Uninterruptible power supply device for AMS, to ensure 72 hours of AMS operation when external power is disconnected
  • Ethernet switch Moxa EDS-308-S-SC-T for connecting the central unit with a weather station, temperature, and wind profilers
  • Optical communication device. Ethernet Media Converter Single Mode Optics - Moxa IMC-21A-S-SC-T
  • RS-232 - RS-485 - TCC-100 converter, RS-485-LAN converter - Moxa Nport IA-5150-T
  • Managed Ethernet Switch mounted in 19" rack - Cisco WS-C2960CX-8TC-L & RCKMNT-19-CMPCT
  • Data protection device - firewall, to separate the unsecured network and the Cisco network of the nuclear power plant
  • Viper-SC 100 base radio station, Viper-SC 100 Radio modem, DS4 VHF (H) base antenna, Radial Y5 directional antenna


Underground horizontal drainage tanks (EP, EPP) with volumes ranging from 5 to 100 m3

Techexpo LLC manufactures underground horizontal drainage tanks with nominal volumes from 5 to 100 m3, operating under a pressure of no more than 0.07 MPa and medium temperatures from minus 15 to 60°C, intended for the discharge of oil products, petroleum, oils, condensate. Hazard class of working media - 2, 3, and 4. The drained liquid must have a density of not more than 1000 kg/m3, kinematic viscosity up to 30x10. Technical conditions establish two types of tanks: EP - underground tanks without a heater. EPP - underground tanks with a heater.

Deliveries made in 2020 for the nuclear industry:

  • underground drainage tanks with a capacity of 100 m3, the inner diameter of 3.2 m, complete with NV-D-1M 80/43 submersible pump unit (vertical oil semi-submersible pumps are designed for pumping gas condensate, petroleum, oil products);
  • underground drainage tanks of 100 m3, with heating and insulation;
  • underground drainage tanks with a capacity of 8 m3, the internal diameter of 2 mm, complete with NV-D1M 25/20 submersible pump unit.

underground drainage tanks of 100 m3


Cabinet with the System of technological data exchange with the automated system of the system operator (SOTDE ASSO) and WAMS

Supply of a SOTDE ASSO and WAMS cabinet for the Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant-2 (LNPP-2) facility as part of power unit No. 2 in Sosnovy Bor.

The system for exchanging technological information with the automated system of the system operator SOTDE ASSO provides collection and transmission of teleinformation from the main electrical equipment of the SES to the ASSO via communication channels without intermediate processing.

The wide-area measurement system (WAMS) is designed for continuous measurement and registration of vector values of the parameters of the electric power mode, synchronized with the help of signals from the uniform time system. Using the system allows observing and analyzing the behavior of the power system in the process of occurrence and elimination of emergency events; verifying models to analyze the dynamic properties of the power system; fine-tuning automatic protection.

Emergency event recorders (RAS):

Digital recorder of electrical processes "PARMA" - instructions and characteristics

Шкаф РАС ПУ-16-32М 

Power supply and control cabinets (ShPU), an automated workstation (AWS), and server-switching cabinets (ShSK) for a collective screen (EKP) for power unit No. 2 of Leningrad NPP-2.

Diesel generators with a two-circuit cooling system for the Titan-2 concern (Rosatom) at the Leningradskaya NPP-2

ДГУ для атомной электростанции

Load modules for testing gensets at nuclear power plants

In 2020, Techexpo LLC delivered a 100 kW load module to LNPP for regular testing of the operability of gensets. The loading module in a casing with climatic modification UHL 1 has a certificate of conformity ROSS RU RU.NA46. Н00108 and is intended for use as a ballast load when testing power generators. The number of power steps - 10, 10 kW each.

Нагрузочные модули для тестирования ДГУ на атомных электростанциях

Armored security posts and checkpoints, armored gates

Diesel generator sets: