ООО «Техэкспо»
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St. Petersburg
Promyshlennaya St., 19R
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+7 (812) 602-52-94
Mon-Sun 7am – 8pm
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Call to order: 8 (800) 550-83-94

Production of gensets, containers and switchboards

Techexpo is one of the largest producers of gensets and containers in the Northwest. The production workshops of Techexpo LLC are located in the Vyborgsky district of St. Petersburg and occupy an area of 3000 square meters.

Production volume: 130 units per year. The production has been operating since 2008. The production employs 40 workers of various specialties: design engineers, assemblers of containers and diesel generators, certified welders, metal cutters, painters, electricians.

We pack diesel generating sets in containers, soundproof casing and on the chassis. We install systems for equipment lighting, heating and ventilation, gas exhaust, automatic fire extinguishing and alarm systems, power cabinets, ALT, remote monitoring and control systems.

If you want a tour of our production - send a request to order@tech-expo.ru or call 8 (800) 550-83-94

We produce and install:

Video: Techexpo production base

Metal cutting workshop

Metal is stored and processed on the following machine tools:

  • Jordi CH-310 hydraulic guillotine shears for cutting sheet metal of up to 10 mm thick;
  • Jordi RN-31025 hydraulic press for bending metal sheets without preheating the metal;
  • MetalMaster BSG 255 and WE-270DS bandsaw machines for cutting metal blanks;
  • Metaltool MT-120 and CPC LG-25A drilling machines.


Assembly shop

Welding and assembly of products from previously prepared metal sheets and cuts are performed. Kuhtreiber KIT 305, MAXI 315, EWM Picomig 180 Puls, PDG-312-5, Svarog CUT 70 professional welding machines are used. In the process of assembling containers and metal structures, beams of 5 and 10 tons are utilized.


Paint shop

Painting of containers, metal structures, fuel tanks is carried out in a paint shop. Individual elements are painted in a powder coating booth. The airless spray units are Contracor ASP-451, pneumatically driven piston type and ChemBalt CB-1195.

Video: how is the container painted


Switchboard products assembly workshop

We maintain the range of goods required for the assembly of electrical distribution boards, control and automation cabinets in stock.


Design department

There are designers who not only design containers and metal structures, but also supervise the results of work in production.

Production advantages

  • Fast production at the highest quality possible.
  • Solving all issues on the principle of "one window".
  • Full cycle: design, production, painting, installation, technical control.
  • Designers with over 15 years of experience.
  • Modern professional machines.

Management and work schedule

Techexpo LLC is developing production together with Energo Reserve LLC (TIN 7811485655), the founders of which are Vasily Vladimirovich Zhukov and Philip Vratskikh. As part of the joint investment program of the two companies in 2020, the area of production workshops was expanded.

Production is loaded with orders for the manufacture of technically complex containers not only for diesel generators, but also for frequency converters, transformers, IT equipment racks, military radar stations.

The main advantage of our production is the high quality of processing and assembly of metal structures and containers, so we are trusted to manufacture products for oil and gas companies and enterprises of the military-industrial complex. To maintain high standards, management continuously monitors operational performance. To maintain safety, labor protection and control over the observance of safety measures have been organized, especially in the processes of working with machine tools and welding equipment.

The schedule of work and the current workload of production can be obtained from the Director General of Techexpo LLC Kirillov Artem Aleksandrovich by phone: +7 964 376-93-69 or by mail: director@tech-expo.ru. Technical questions and technical specifications can be sent to the Director General of Energo Reserve LLC Vasily Vladimirovich Zhukov by mail: zhukov@energorezerv.org

Learn more about container manufacturing:

Technical specification, list of equipment, technical specifications for containers for the oil and gas industry, photo gallery from production in 2020

The all-welded container is made from components of our own production:

  • bearing corner post made of steel square-pipe 100x50x6 mm, treated with OGRAKS-MSK fire-retardant paint;
  • wall panel: from the outside it is lined with a metal profiled sheet 1.5 mm thick with enamel coating, with an insulation made of mineral wool boards with a thickness of 100 mm and a density of 30 kg/m3. It is lined with a metal profiled sheet C-10 with a thickness of 0.5 mm from the inside;
  • roofing structure: lined on the outside with a smooth metal sheet 1.5 mm thick, with an outer enamel coating, with a mineral wool insulation 100 mm thick and a density of 90 kg/m3, lined with a metal profiled sheet C-10 with a thickness 0.5 mm on the inside.

The container has a second degree of fire resistance and is manufactured in accordance with TU 25.11.23-001-99672874-2017. Download certificate of conformity

Diesel generator sets: