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Generator set containers: production, drawings, prices

Techexpo manufactures containers for diesel generator sets (DGS) with a capacity ranging from 150 to 2500 kW and a voltage of 0.4 to 10.5 kV. The advantage of our container is a ready-made specific complete set of electrics and mounted electrical equipment.

Prices for diesel generator set containers (including diesel gensets installation and mounting)

  • DSG capacity
  • Container dimensions, mm
  • Weight, kg
  • Price
  • DES option
For an accurate calculation of the cost of the container, determine the power of the diesel generator set and the required run time

Construction of a typical container for a diesel generator 16-400 kW

Construction of a typical container for a diesel generator 16-400 kW

Container gensets of 1 - 2 MW (block-containers manufactured by Techexpo)

All-metal containers manufactured by Techexpo have increased dimensions (12x 3.2 x 3.2 m) and a rigid frame for placing large equipment (diesel and gas gensets of 1-2 MW).

1-2 MW containers package, “Sever” (North) type:

  • remote radiator
  • gas fire extinguishing system
  • increased built-in fuel tank for 3000 liters with level sensors
  • system of automatic fuel priming and emergency fuel container emptying
  • additional oil tank for 200 liters
  • heat recovery modules
  • induction and exhaust ventilation system with natural and mechanical awakening
  • controlled hot air discharge dampers
  • openings in the walls for the inflow of outside air and the exhaust of inner hot air
  • awnings for protection from precipitation and noise reduction
  • fans for forced blowing during hot periods.
  • noise absorbing fiberglass panel
  • resident muffler with a soundproof canopy.
  • power cabinet with motorized generator circuit breaker.
  • automatic regulation of the coolant temperature
  • operational and maintenance lighting
  • non-combustible insulation for operation at ambient temperatures below -40.
  • emergency lighting (vibration-resistant lamps with a self-contained battery)
  • auxiliaries board with automatic switches and RCD
  • painting in the corporate colors of the Customer

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How do we make containers: our production and technologies

Technical specification of “Sever” (North) type container:

The container body provides strength, safety, and transportation possibility; the bottom is covered with a 1.2 mm solid sheet. The outer casing is made of 1.5 mm thick profiled steel sheets. The design of the container ensures that there is no frost on the inner surfaces when the door is closed and the container heating system is operating.

The container has non-combustible thermal insulation and is designed to operate in the ambient temperature range from - 40 to +40 degrees C. The floor is all-welded, made of corrugated 4 mm thick steel, welded to the metal base of the container and by an intermittent seam to the cross-beams of the container. The floor provides drainage of technical liquids into special trays with drain holes.

Welding is executed under GOST 5264-80, GOST 14771-76, and GOST 8713-79. No penetration is allowed. Seams are cleaned from sagging after welding. Technological opening for installation and dismantling of the main equipment is located in the end wall of the container, which is combined with the outlet valve.

Ventilation hatches have louvered grilles and covers above them from the outside of the container. Opening covers - made of steel sheet with a thickness of at least 1.5 mm, equipped with stoppers for the open position and latches for the closed position.

Water runoff and the ability to remove snow from the roof. Doors with an overhead bolt lock and handles. Two grounding bolts with nuts (d = 12mm) diagonally. Water tightness with closed doors, ventilation, and assembly openings; the presence of protective visors over the door.

Upper container slinging, slinging loops are provided. The inner sheeting of the walls and ceiling is made of light gray profiled metal sheets.

The outside of the container is painted following the requirements of GOST 9.401-91. The outside color of the container is blue. By agreement, it is possible to paint in any other color (no cost increase).

Power supply:

  • Protection against electric shock and prevention of fire due to leaking currents;
  • Grounding and neutral protective conductors have a distinctive color;
  • Installation of electrical equipment is executed following the requirements of GOST 23274-84, GOST 12.1.019-79. Auxiliaries board, cable trays with auxiliary cables for diesel generator sets and container systems; internal grounding line and main grounding bus (GZSh); protection against secondary manifestations of lightning, interference, and overvoltage is provided following the requirements of the Electric Installation Code.


  • Work lighting 220V;
  • Emergency lighting powered by DGS rechargeable batteries

Heating and ventilation:

  • Air valves with electric drives;
  • Electric convectors;
  • Thermostats;
  • The system provides air supply for the operation of the generating set;
  • Heating devices are controlled by thermostats;
  • Electric convectors ensure the air temperature is not lower than + 10°С.

Fire and security alarm and automatic powder fire extinguishing:

  • Security and fire detectors;
  • Sound and light fire alarm devices;
  • Devices providing power supply to the installation;
  • Alarm loops, electrical power circuits;
  • Fire extinguishing devices.

Photo gallery of Techexpo produced containers

Working documentation: drawings for a container with diesel generator set for Rosneft

Drawings of containers with high-voltage equipment of 6.3 and 10.5 kV

Containers for large diesel gensets have requirements for their dimensions: it is necessary to design the height and width, taking into account not only the dimensions of the diesel genset but also the auxiliaries board, automatic transfer switch, fuel tank, control panel.
Advantages of block containers of the “Sever” (North) type for diesel generator sets:

  • Protection against external influences of a diesel generator, automatic transfer switch, UPS, electrics, and diesel genset support systems.
  • Convenient outdoor placement and mobility (when placed on a chassis).
  • Reduction of engine noise.
  • Fire extinguishing system inside the container and burglar alarm.

Packaging of containers of the 2nd degree of automation (DGS starts automatically when power is out)

Ventilation and heating: windows with shock absorbers, grilles (louvers), heaters (heating elements) along with the blades of the louvers, electric drives for louvers, automatic climate control, temperature sensors, electric convectors

Gas exhaust: muffler guard, exhaust pipe thermal insulation, exhaust gaits, thermal expansion absorber, condensate drain

Lighting: indoor lighting 24V and 220V, outdoor lighting 24V

Fire safety: carbon dioxide fire extinguishers, a shield with primary fire extinguishing equipment, thermal fire detectors, sound, and light warning, powder/gas fire extinguishing modules, manual start from the outside of the container, emergency shutdown of equipment

Electrical safety: grounding, protective screens on live parts, low-current external switches for 24V, residual current device (RCD)

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Diesel generator sets: