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Manufacturing 100 - 1000 kW Doosan and Baudouin engine-based gas engine gensets

Techexpo LLC in cooperation with a partner factory delivers Doosan and Baudouin-based gas engine gensets with power from 100 to 1000 kW.

The price for these gas engine gensets is the lowest on the market because the gensets are manufactured under a specific technology based on a diesel reciprocating internal combustion engine running on natural or another combustion gas.

It is possible to get two types of energy – heat and electricity. A heat recovery system is optionally placed in a gas engine genset (cogeneration) or trigeneration allowing it to gain cold (relevant for ventilation, warehouse refrigeration, industrial cooling).

Models of gas-powered generators

Doosan 100 кВт

Расход топлива - 26 нм3/ч


Doosan 140 кВт

Расход топлива - 40 нм3/ч

Doosan 200 кВт

Расход топлива - 52 нм3/ч


Doosan 300 кВт

Расход топлива - 77 нм3/ч



Контейнер (+800 000 р.), шумопоглощение (+140 000р.), когенерация тепла (+1 700 000 р.)

Baudouin 500 кВт

Расход топлива - 120 нм3/ч

Baudouin 1000 кВт

Расход топлива - 260 нм3/ч


Shared parameters of models:
  • Fuel type — natural gas, propane-butane, synthesis, associated gas, mine gas, methane, Bio
  • Working gas pressure - 50 bar, low
  • Oil consumption through burning - 0,2 g/kW*h
  • Load rise in 2 sec. - 80%
  • Minimum operating mode - 10

Г10 MW gas power supply package based on MTU (Germany) gas-powered generator + price and feasibility study

A 10 MW gas power supply package consists of 5 gas-powered electrical generators GB2028N5 / 16V4000L64FNER manufactured by MTU Onsite Energy (Germany) in the IEC Energy KIT configuration. It is designed for continuous operation.

  • MTU 16V4000L64FNER
  • electrical power, kW: 2028
  • heating power, kW: 2055
  • fuel type: natural gas
  • gas ramp 200 mbar

The price of a 10 MW gas power supply package – 3 million euros. Delivery time - 6 months.

6 MW gas power supply package for 277 million rubles (in stock in St. Petersburg)

A power supply package consisting of 3 block modular gas engine gensets to operate on both natural gas and associated petroleum gas. The manufacturer of gas-powered electrical generators is Rolls Royce Solutions LLC (formerly MTU Rus LLC). The equipment is manufactured in 2021, passed factory tests and is ready for shipment from the manufacturing plant in St. Petersburg. The capacity of one gas-powered electrical generator running on natural gas is 1948 kW. The capacity on associated petroleum gas depends on the composition of the gas. To operate the GPES on associated gas, it is necessary to use a gas treatment unit - it is included in this configuration.

Specification for the purchase of a power supply package consisting of 3 gas engine gensets 'BKEM 'Nord-GP-1948/10,5-HL1’



Price, RUR, VAT included


Gas engine genset of determined electrical power of 1948 kW, containerized 'BKEM 'Nord-GP-1948/10,5-HL1', 10,5 kV voltage, based on the MTU 20V4000 GS gas-powered electrical generator with the 20V4000L32ER engine, 3rd degree of automation, modular design, consisting of:

  • gas-powered electrical generator container unit with transport dimensions of 12192x3200x3530, 41 tons;
  • fuel-feed system of gas-powered electrical generator;
  • Oil supply system of gas-powered electrical generator;
  • Cooling system of gas-powered electrical generator;
  • Combustion air preparation system of gas-powered electrical generator;
  • Gas-powered electrical generator startup system;
  • Exhaust gas system;
  • Gas-powered electrical generator automatic control system;
  • Fire alarm system and container gas monitoring system of gas-powered electrical generator;
  • Gas suppression system of gas-powered electrical generator.
  • A single set of spare parts, oil, antifreeze, Control cabinet


260 000 000


Gas treatment unit


17 000 000


Total price including fuel gas treatment unit:


277 000 000


6 MW power supply package photo gallery:

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