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1000, 1500, 2000 kW gensets for mining and processing enterprises

Techexpo LLC manufactures diesel gensets with power from 800 to 2500 kW for mining and processing enterprises including for the power supply of drill units in constant load modes. The DGs are delivered in Sever containers of the 2nd degree of fire resistance, according to TU 25.11.23-001-99672874-2017, with dimensions up to 12 m, with additional fuel cells and fuel tanks with a volume of up to 15.000 liters.

Depending on the existing or designed power supply schemes, we manufacture high-voltage DGs with a set of switchgear of unilateral maintenance 6,3 or 10,5 kV including for operation in parallel mode. For constant load operation, we recommend DG based on Perkins (UK), Mitsubishi (Japan) or Cummins (US) diesel engines with Leroy Somer (France), Mecc Alte (Italy) or Stamford (UK) current generators.

To integrate the DG into the network, a power supply project detailing the principles of operation of a package transformer substation, switchboard and switchgear of unilateral maintenance for a high-voltage system is required. Techexpo engineering center provides services for developing project documentation, prepares drawings and schematic diagrams for the organization of the power supply system.

Techexpo develops projects of autonomous generating centers based on DG of single-rated power from 1 to 2 MW.

Completed power supply package projects in 2019-2020:


Recommended 1 MW diesel generators:



Recommended 1,5 MW diesel generators:



Recommended 2 MW diesel generators:

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Video: packaging a 2.5 MW diesel generator at the Techexpo production complex

1 - 2 MW containerized diesel gensets (container units by Techexpo)

All-metal containers produced by Techexpo are of enlarged dimensions (12 х 3,2 х 3,2 m) and have a rigid frame to accommodate large equipment (1-2 MW diesel and gas gensets).

Configuration of Sever-type 1-2 MW containers:

  • Remote heater
  • Gas fire extinguishing system
  • Enlarged built-in 3000-liter fuel tank with level sensors
  • System of automatic fuel pumping and emergency draining of fuel from the container
  • 200-liter additional oil tank
  • Heat recovery units
  • Supply and exhaust ventilation system with natural and mechanical drive
  • Controlled hot air vents
  • Openings in the walls for the inflow of outdoor air and the removal of hot air
  • Canopies for rain protection and noise reduction
  • Fans for forced blowing in hot weather
  • Noise-absorbing screen made of fiberglass panels
  • resident silencer with noise-protective canopy
  • power cabinet with automatic generator switch operated by motor
  • automatic coolant temperature control
  • regular and maintenance lighting
  • non-inflammable insulation for operation at an ambient temperature of lower than -40
  • emergency lighting (vibrational-proof lamp with autonomous accumulator)
  • auxiliaries board with automatic switches and RCDs
  • painting in the client's branded colors

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Diesel generator sets: