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Pump units for agriculture and housing and public utilities

Pump units for agriculture: feeding water to drip irrigation and irrigation machines

DNS-K: max. flow: 350 m³/h, max. head: 130 m. The pump station, series "K" - stations based on centrifugal pumps with one-way fluid supply to the impeller located at the end of the shaft, remote from the drive. The stations are designed for pumping clean water and liquids with temperatures up to 85 degrees C with solids content up to 0.2 mm.

DNS-D: max. flow: 2500 m³/h, max. head: 150 m. The pump station, "D" series - stations based on centrifugal single-stage horizontal pumps of the double-sided inlet. They are used in industrial supply for supplying cold and hot water, in water intake systems, land reclamation, at thermal and nuclear power plants for supplying process water, in metallurgy as part of cooling systems, and in industrial fire extinguishing systems.

Riverscreen - self-cleaning screen filters for water intake and protection of pumps from debris in the pond. Riverscreens protect not only the pump itself but also the filtration system from contamination and wear. Water intake from a height of 15 centimeters is possible.

The filter is connected to the suction pipe of the pump and is immersed in a body of water. When the suction water passes through the filter, organics, debris and solid contaminants are trapped on the outer surface of the mesh. Water for washing in a small amount is taken from the pressure pipe of the pump and supplied to the rotating nozzles located inside the filter. The flow of water from the nozzles washes away dirt from the entire outer surface of the mesh and also scares juvenile fish. The operation of the nozzles can be either continuous or intermittent. The degree of protection of the filter from the entry of juvenile fish and other biological objects is at least 75%.

Riverscreen 10” specification

  • 10" Riverscreen – 1 pcs., drum, frame with four buoyant tanks.
  • back-flow valves
  • water drive gear aluminum pipe
  • rubber tube - 6 meters
  • clamps, 6 pcs. by 3 meters
  • suction line length - 10 meters
  • mesh opening: 250 mm.
  • capacity: 170 - 390 m3/hour.
  • size of the filter with frame and aluminum buoyant tanks: 3050 × 2640 mm.

Price: 1 million rubles

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Pump units for the housing and utilities sector

Wastewater pumping and trenching when laying pipelines

DNS-PR: dry-running self-priming pumps for liquids with solids. Max. flow: 7800 м³/ h, max. head: 240 m. Gensets based on Cornell (US) high-capacity pumps for liquids with large inclusions. They are used for pumping water and liquids similar to water in viscosity and chemical activity, having a pH of 7-8.5, temperatures up to +45°C, with large inclusions, up to 8 cm in diameter. A feature of the pumps is the ability to work for a long time in the "dry running" mode.

DNS-GR: for pumping gravel-sand and sludge mixtures. Max. flow: 2500 m³/h, max head: 60 m. Pump stations of the DNS-GR series are based on coal pumps, soil and sludge pumps. Pump stations based on soil pumps are designed for pumping abrasive slurries with a density of up to 2200 kg/m3, pH 6-12, temperature from 5 to 70°C, with a volume concentration of solids up to 30% and microhardness up to 11000 MPa. Pump stations based on coal pumps are designed for pumping water-coal chemically neutral hydraulic fluid (рН=6÷8) with a solid particle size smaller than 70 mm, with a ratio of solid and liquid phases by weight not more than S:L=1:3 and solid content in solid phase from 15% to 40%, with temperature from +1°С to +50°С. The stations are used at mining and processing and mining and metallurgical enterprises, thermal power plants, facility manufacturing enterprises, units as part of hydraulic excavators.

DNS-SV. For pumping contaminated water. Max. flow: 1400 m³/hour, max head: 60 m. Power pumps of the DNS-SV series are stations based on centrifugal self-priming pumps with an open impeller. The pumps have easy-to-open inspection covers and externally lubricated mechanical seals. The stations are designed for pumping water and liquids similar to water in viscosity and chemical activity, containing solid particles up to 76 mm in size, to a small height. They are used for pumping dirty water from a trench, cleaning the bottom of water reservoirs, and quickly pumping dirty water during floods.

DNS-RT. For groundwater depression. Max. flow: 475 m³/h, max head: 100 m. DNS of the PT series are stations based on highly efficient self-priming pumps. Well-point pumps of the PT series are designed for both vertical and horizontal water depression. These pumps can pump air, water or a mixture of water and air without an additional self-priming system. Moreover, these pumps can run dry for an unlimited amount of time without damage or wear to the pump parts. Compact and low-noise diesel-driven piston pump units in a noise-absorbing case.

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Hydraulic pressure test of heat distribution network

DNS-S. For feeding clean water at a higher height and for long distances. Max. flow: 600 m³/hour, max. head: 450 m..

Gensets-based centrifugal horizontal multiple sectional pumps. The pump body consists of separate sections. A sectional design of the pump allows increasing or reducing pressure, maintaining its performance. The gensets are designed to pump water with pH 7-8,5, temperature to +45°С, with mechanical impurities not above 0,1%, the size of solid particles not bigger than 0,1 mm with small hardness at most,47 GPa. The gensets are used to pump water for long distances, deliver water to a larger height – for the water supply of industrial facilities, housing and utility services, water supply to oil-bearing formations, drainage of coal mines, pressure testing of pipelines.

Насос для подачи чистой воды на большую высоту и большие расстояния

SOTA. For pressure testing of pipelines before the heating season. Max. flow: 200 m³/hour, max. head: 300 m.

SOTA (also known as Autonomous mobile molding centers) is equipment based on a diesel pump station with a centrifugal multiple pump designed to provide pressure in the piping when testing heat distribution networks in auto or manual modes. It can be used to pump water and other liquids similar to water in viscosity up to 36х10-6 m2/s and chemical activity, temperature from 1°С to 90°С, not containing solid particles by weight more than 0,04%, size more than 0.2 mm and small hardness over 6,5 GPa (650 kgs/mm2).

Насос для опрессовки трубопроводов перед началом отопительного сезона

Oil and gas industry

  • Pumping polluted water
  • Self-priming pumps with the possibility of dry running for liquids with solid inclusion
  • For pumping gravel-sand and slurry mixtures
  • Trenching when laying pipelines
  • For water depression of groundwater
  • Hydraulic testing of main oil pipelines
  • To supply clean water to a large height and for long distances
  • For hydraulic tests of major pipelines

Diesel generator sets: