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Diesel generators: power, prices, and manufacturers

Diesel generators (DG) are power-generating devices with an internal combustion engine, which operate using diesel fuel. The diesel engine brings the AC generator into action and mechanical energy turns into an electric one.

When the diesel fuel burns in the engine, gases are formed, which promote the rotation of the bent shaft, and it transmits the drive to the generator rotor, which creates an electromagnetic field.

Inductive alternating current, which is supplied to the consumer, appears in the generator winding.

There’s always a frame in the DG where the rest of the devices are placed including a control panel, fuel tank (as a rule, built in the frame), heater and cooling system, and battery with a charger. 

Diesel generators are used as a source of constant power supply (building sites, oil recoveries, workers' settlements, facilities without constant connection circuits to Rosseti) or as a reserve (backup) source. The high quality of all components of the engine and generator is required for operation in the constant mode, which also means a higher price   


Main parameters when choosing a diesel genset

The rated power of one diesel generator: from 16 to 2500 kW

Manufacturers often play tricks and specify the power in kVA, and all the more, not rated but backup (the DG can work on it no more than 500 hours per year). All diesel generators have two power values:  PRP, Prime Power (primary power), and LTP, Limited Time Power (reserve capacity, time-limited). Important to consider:

The DG needs to work in constant mode with a load of no lower than 40% and no higher than 80% of its rated power. If you need a DG at facilities with pumps, rotors, hoists, it is required to provide high starting currents (5-7 times higher than the consumed power). 

The main engineer shall calculate the total load. If you do not have any – address Techexpo with a request to order@tech-expo.ru , and we will send our engineer to your site for free to calculate the load and determine the optimal DG.

Diesel genset models and prices by power:

Diesel genset with power from 200 to 2500 kW

We carry out exploratory design for a DG for free - write a request to

Required voltage: 400 В, 6,3 or 10,5 kV

As a rule, a standard three-phase diesel generator fits consumers. It is necessary to acquire a high-voltage diesel power station with a special current generator for large organizations or in the case of a long length of cable.

High-voltage diesel power station with a capacity of 1350 kW on a Perkins engine:

Высоковольтная дизельная электростанция мощностью 1350 кВт на двигателе Perkins

The entire market of DGs is a small group of manufacturers and at the same time numerous DG assemblers from different engines and current generators.

Engine manufacturers and diesel generator power

Power range of diesel generator
FPT (Iveco) Italy 16 - 500 kW
Volvo Sweden 80 - 400 kW
Deutz Germany 24 - 400 kW
Doosan South Korea 100 - 600 kW
Scania Sweden 200 - 600 kW
ЯМЗ Russia 60 - 400 kW
Baudouin China 16 - 1400 kW
Perkins UK 16 - 1800 kW
Cummins USA 100 - 2000 kW
Mitsubishi Japan 500 - 2000 kW
MTU Germany 400 - 2500 kW

There are also many less popular manufacturers, which products you may check in our diesel engine catalog.


Current generator manufacturers:

Manufacturer Country Power range of diesel generator
Mecc Alte Italy 16 - 2500 kW
Marelli Italy 16 - 2500 kW
Stamford UK 16 - 2000 kW
Leroy Somer France 16 - 2000 kW
Linz Italy 16 - 500 kW

Frame version (open), in a soundproof case, containerized, on a chassis and enclosed

Open-type DGs are designed for arrangement in specially equipped premises with systems of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Moreover, they should meet the fire code.  

Enclosed DGs suppose placement on an open site or indoors. The case is designed to protect the genset against dust, as well as feature soundproof properties.  Prices for enclosed DGs>>>

Containerized DGs are autonomous power modules for operation in the temperature range from -40°С to +40°С with the lack of electric cables. A containerized DG is protected against weather conditions and equipped with a cable entry device, ATS panel, auxiliaries board, fuel and oil refueling system, heating and lighting systems. A containerized DG can be placed in any place without building special facilities.


DG automation degree

1st degree of automation is available on any genset: this is manual start. The constant presence of maintenance staff is required. It fits builders and mining companies.

2nd degree of automation – the automatic start of a DG in the case of a power cut using an ATS panel.

3rd degree of automation in addition to auto start differs with a high level of independence: automatic re-fueling of oil and fuel, coolant.

Also, until 1992 there was a 4th degree of automation according to GOST 14228-80 Diesel Engines and Gas Engines Automated, however, from 1995 it was replaced with GOST R 50783-95 Generator Units And Mobile Gensets with Internal Combustion Engines.

VIDEO: 1200 kW Perkins diesel generator start

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