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DGS of 50/400/520/1200 kW, installation of foundations, laying of a cable route, modernization of VRU-3/RU-04 and automation for Kaliningradteploset

Total capacity 2690 kW
Client Kaliningradteploset municipal enterprise

Providing the uninterruptable power supply of heating energy sources


In fall 2019, the project for providing Kaliningradteploset municipal enterprise with power equipment was completed. Kaliningradteploset ME is the largest Kaliningrad thermal energy producer and supplier. The extensive 686 long network of thermal energy transportation covers all regions of the city. In total, including built-in coal boiler-rooms, there are 74 heat supply sources, among which eight 595 Gcal-hr regional heating stations using natural gas as the main fuel type.

Our task was to provide the uninterruptable power of heating energy sources – 4 regional heating stations and service water station Pribrezhny. In addition to delivering the equipment, our team executed building works and earthwork operations to route cables and connect the electrical plant into the existing power supply scheme.

Equipment delivered: The total capacity of the power equipment delivered – 2 690 kW. The diesel gensets were designed and engineered individually for every site.

  • The most powerful diesel generator was delivered to the Severnaya regional heating station, its capacity is 1200 kW;
  • For regional heating stations Baltiyskaya and Vostochnaya, we delivered 520 kW diesel gensets;
  • On the Pribrezhnaya regional heating station – a 400 kW diesel genset and a 50 kW diesel genset for the service water station Pribrezhny.

The diesel gensets are installed in Techexpo own-produced heat-insulated containers.

The first degree of plant automation involves the manual start and connection of consumers. However, the diesel generator is started up and stopped remotely from the transformer plant the diesel generators are connected to. To implement the solution, we modernized electrical facilities at the following plants:

  • Pribrezhnaya regional heating station: electric equipment was mounted on input distribution device-3 to switch the consumer from the remote mains to the diesel generator;
  • Severnaya regional heating station: 0.4 kW switching gear sections were modernized – expanded functions, introducing over 40 contact switches - to switch the most significant electrical consumers from the mains to the diesel generator (for reference - 44 contact switches were added);

New cabin electrical equipment was installed for every facility:

- a power cabinet for switching between mains and the diesel generator sets;

- control cabinets, which allow the operator to remotely connect vital consumers to the diesel genset from his workplace.

Construction / installation activities:

Based on a project approved by Kaliningradteploset ME, we selected equipment and carried out installation and construction works to organize external cable run and install the foundation.

Earthwork operations started with the foundation:

- soil excavation, sand base bottoming, concrete bedding, foundation reinforcing, concrete pouring, two-layer membrane bituminous waterproofing;

- to make the earth loop foundation, a steel galvanized strip in the form of a closed ring was first laid.

The materials and work procedure correspond to the rules and regulations SP 45.13330.2017 ‘Earthworks, foundation engineering’. Revised edition of Construction code and regulations 3.02.01-87".

The next stage is cable routing from the diesel genset to the genset. The distance between them differs depending on a particular site – from 25 to 60 meters.

  • To prepare the cable route, we used special-purpose machinery and manually completed trenches to one meter deep. The cables were laid on the prepared trenches with the sand base. Kopoflex double-wall tubes were used for the pipeline. They are used for routing cables, power cables heavy in section, fiber-optic cables in the ground and water. They are highly aggressive environment resistant, moisture-proof, index of protection IP67.

The total length of the implemented cable run for all sites was 145 meters. All the works are done according to SP 126.13330.2012 ‘Survey operations in construction’.

Inside the premises, we carried out connections with all existing cable structures. On the Baltiyskaya regional heating station, we installed a special structure for routing cables across the outer wall of the building. Also, diamond drilling of horizontal openings in armored concrete floors was carried out to route cables inside the premises.

When the construction installation works were completed and the diesel generator was connected, our specialists carried out pre-commissioning activities – the final stage of the work. The Techexpo service department has necessary access permits and equipment for carrying out acceptance tests in accordance with the requirements of GOST – an electrical laboratory licensed by the Russian Federal Service for Ecological, Technical and Atomic Supervision to carry out diesel genset tests.

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