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2547 kW containerized German MTU diesel genset for the NOVATEK gas company

Total capacity 2547 kW

Providing Yug Business Center with a total area of 22 760 m2 with an emergency source of electrical power with an additional system of ventilation and noise insulation


In May 2019, Techexpo delivered a 2500 kW diesel genset TE.2500S-Т 400-ЗRN for Yug Business Center in the city of Novy Urengoy, the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District. The containerized diesel genset is made based on a MTU 20V4000G84F engine (Germany) and a Leroy Somer LSA 53.2 M12 generator (France).

The heated all-metal container unit measuring 12000 х 2435 х 2850 mm is made according to the design documentation, features a remote heater and a gas fire-fighting system. Novek 1230 (halocarbon FK-5-1-12) is used as a fire-fighting agent with the use of gas firefighting modules MPA-NVC 1230.

The diesel genset is completed with an enlarged 3000-liter built-in fuel tank with a remote filling neck for convenient fueling, an additional 200-liter oil tank, a ventilation system, a fire and security alarm and an automated gas fire-fighting system, a heating system, and a lighting system (main and emergency).

The container ventilation system is a supply and exhaust one with a natural and mechanical draft. There are openings in the container walls for outdoor air inflow and hot air outflow, as well as additional fans for forced ventilation in the hot season.

Air outlet/inlet valves are rainproof and snowproof and fitted with a net against animals.

For sound insulation, an additional noise barrier panel is installed in the upper part of the air discharge valve. It consists of fiberglass panels with a zero inflammation degree. A resident dumper with a noise-protective peak ensures reducing the noise of exhaust gases.

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