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3600 kW diesel genset complex (1200 kW 3 pcs.) for a DPC of the largest Russian interoperator Internet traffic exchange company MMTS-9

Total capacity 3600 kW
Client Moscow long-distance station #9 JSC
Task Producing, delivering and assembling a 3600 kW mobile power station complex.
Challenge Complex technical project on a power supply package, special requirements for container configuration for Rostelecom data center.

In February 2019, the Techexpo company provided Moscow long-distance station #9 JSC (MMTS-9 JSC) with standby electrical power. This is the largest Russian Internet Exchange Point (peering). The MMTS-9 JSC building is equipped with uninterrupted power supply, climate control, gas suppression, telemonitoring and surveillance systems. All engineering spaces are connected with structured interfloor connection cables.

We delivered three own-produced 1200 kW diesel gensets TE.1200S-Т400-2RN (Russia). They are made on the basis of a British Perkins 4012-46TAG2A engine and a Mecc Alte (Italy) generator. Gensets can provide such businesses as server and computation centers with reliable electric power supply.

Diesel gensets are housed in a heat-insulated all-metal container with a second fire resistance level. The container features incombustible heat insulation and is designed to operate in the temperature range from - 50 to +45 °C.

All materials used to make the container are stable and reliable in the operation environment and have certificates characterizing chemical composition, mechanical properties, and test results.

A 1000-liter fuel tank with an automated fuel feeding system was additionally placed in the container. There’s an external filling port in the container for convenient fueling of diesel gensets from mobile fueling facilities. The fuel system is completed with sensors controlling the fuel level in the tank. There’s a fuel tank ventilation to exhaust the air and fuel vapors off the container.

The container is fitted with a lighting system and a fire fighting system (aerosol fire extinguishment). The diesel genset control system is also placed in the container. It consists of: 

  • a generator unit control board;
  • a power cabinet; 
  • a auxiliaries board. 

The container overall dimensions - 8000х2400х2800 mm, container weight (no fuel) with equipment installed inside – no more than 25 tons.

The containerized diesel generator is mounted on a trailer chassis, model САВ 83433. It is fitted with telescopic vertical stand supports, which can be manually pulled out to put up bridge trailer axles and align the container horizontal level in the parking operating position of the diesel genset on the trailer.

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