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Autonomous generating center (AGC) consisting of three diesel generators with a total capacity of 3600 kW for the Wildberries warehouse complex

Total capacity 3600 kW
Client Wildberries LLC

Wildberries is the largest Russian online retailer. There’s the company’s warehouse complex in the territory of Koledino industrial park in the city district of Podolsk. The total area of the Koledino distribution center is about 135 thousand sq. m.

In 2019, Wildberries expanded the area of the Podolsk warehouse center. To provide new consumers with uninterruptible power supply, a need arose for an additional back-up power source for an already-existing emergency power system.

Our task was to not only deliver power equipment but also design a diesel generator-based emergency power system for the warehouse complex.


It was necessary to reserve electric power supply to the buses of 0,4 kW transformer substations:

  • 800 kW transformer substations using two existing diesel generator sets with a capacity of 420 kW each;
  • 2000 kW transformer substations using newly installed diesel generator sets with a capacity of 1200 kW – in total 2 pcs.
Moreover, the technical specifications provide for a standby diesel generator, which will be started up automatically in case of no-start of one of the diesel gensets.


The project was fulfilled based on the technical design assignment, study materials, and regulatory documents in force on the territory of the Russian Federation.

The main electric consumers at the designed site are warehouse complex loads. Due to the organization of emergency power supply for these loads using an independent source (diesel generator set), the electric reliability category is first special one.

Scope of work as provided for in the project documentation:

  • Scheming the emergency power supply scheme:

Diesel gensets ratings are selected corresponding to loads of consumers connected to transformer substation buses. In total, four diesel generators with a total capacity of 3240 kW and one 1200 kW station – a standby one.

Reconstructing the transformer station requires replacing the sectional contact-breaker and installing on the two transformer stations 3QF Hyundai air circuit-breakers completed with a motor drive and installing new 2500А Hyundai automatic circuit breakers to receive electric power supply from emergency diesel generator sets.

  • Selecting a 0,4 kW cable routing from diesel genset to transformer substation:

Selecting cables and cabling method meets the requirements of Rules for the Design and Operation of Electrical Installations. 1 kW four-conductor armored cables with aluminum conductors, APvBbShp-1 type, are approved for cable laying. 0,4 kW cable routing is carried out in earth (trench). The routes are selected allowing for the minimum cable consumption.

It also provides for designing a fuel supply system for the stations. The automated fuel supply system scheme includes the layout of equipment, pipeline laying, cable laying, installing pumping equipment.

From the main warehouse, the fuel enters the diesel genset supply tank through the pipeline. A pumping group, a 3000-liter fuel tank and a fuel pumping control board are installed in the diesel genset container.

Equipment delivered:

To implement the project we installed three diesel gensets ТE.1200S-Т400-2R with a capacity of 1200 kW each. The diesel gensets are made on the basis of a Perkins 4012-46TAG2A (Great Britain) engine and a Stamford (Great Britain) generator.

Three gensets are mounted in an own-produced Techexpo all-welded container unit with overall dimensions 8000х9000х3300 mm. The container is placed on a specially prepared foundation and connected to a ground loop with a resistance of no more than 4 Ohm.

The autonomous generation center also consists of:

  1. A 3000-liter fuel tank
  2. A pumping group
  3. A switch cabinet
  4. A cooling fluid heating system
  5. A battery charger
  6. A generator circuit breaker

The room is equipped with fuel feeding systems, supply and exhaust ventilation, a heating system, main and emergency lighting, security and fire alarms, and automatic fire suppression.


Each diesel genset operates at its load. The parallel operation of the stations is not possible. The third degree of automation provides for automated starting, putting in operation under load, and automated stopping of the diesel generator set.

A controller in the transformer substation automatically distributes the load and controls the diesel genset work.

Two diesel gensets reserve two infeed at the 2000 kW transformer substation. The third diesel genset operates as a stand-by generator for existing and newly installed diesel gensets. In the case of no-start of one of the diesel generators, it will start up automatically.

To connect the new diesel gensets into the emergency power system, we reconstructed both transformer substations: replaced the contact-breaker with installing air circuit-breakers completed with a motor drive and installed automatic circuit breakers to receive electric power supply from emergency diesel generator sets.

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