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280 kW diesel generator on a container on the chassis and 60 kW UPS for Murmansk Administration building

Total capacity 280 kW
State order State procurement documentation
Client Administration for Murmansk Region Government Operations State Regional Budgetary Institution

Carrying out input switching device repair and diesel genset installation works in the Administration building


In October 2018, Techexpo completed works to provide the Murmansk Administration building with an emergency power source. The municipal purpose facilities are consumers of I and II electric reliability categories. It means they require uninterrupted power supply, which emergency shutdown may result in the functional failure of the vital elements of community facilities and communication entities.

To that end, Techexpo delivered and installed:

  1. A 280 kW Green Power GP385 A/V Italian diesel genset with a Volvo Penta TAD1342GE (Sweden) engine and a Marelli (Italy) generator as the main emergency independent electrical power source.
  2. A 60 kW DELTA GES603HH UPS with an additional battery cabinet. This uninterruptible power source is used for designing electric power supply in the manufacturing industry, medicine, bank operations.
  3. A split system with 2 sets of FТYN25L / RYN25L/-40 (DAIKIN) AC units, control system and connection cabinet. It’s necessary to maintain the climatic parameters required for UPS all-season operation. These AC units are designed for operation in winter (air temperature -40 С).

A Techexpo own-produced heat-insulated container is fitted with a low noise silencer, an additional noise suppression chamber and an enlarged 450-liter built-in fuel tank. The container is mounted on a mobile platform (chassis) and placed in the surrounding area of the site.

To connect equipment, we carried out construction and installation works in the Administration territory and delivered the following materials:

  • cables and boards;
  • earthwork operations: trench preparation for cable routing and grounding;
  • electrical installation works: laying cable in the trench, installing cables inside premises, wiring;
  • site improvement works.

We were also tasked to partially reconstruct the input switching device of the power supply system (0.4 kV low-voltage switchgear) of the Administration building. The repair included replacing four distributing boards with new ones with one for diesel genset connection.

We installed a board to connect the diesel genset, modernized the system of automatic transfer switch (ATS) and replaced two lighting switchboards and two ATS switchboards on the building floors with new ones. 


A Green Power GP385 A/V diesel genset, DELTA GES603HH UPS, upgraded equipment of power supply system with ATS provide the Murmansk Administration building with uninterruptible power supply.

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